"I came to HAPA about 2 years ago. Their services helped me in postponing my trustee sale. I recieve a modification once I sent to the lender  the appropiate documents." 

Eugene P.

"My property was foreclosed and sold. I was referred to HAPA formerly know as, "First Direct Options." I Have no idea as to what was submitted to the lender who immediately Rescinded the trustee sale and put me back on title." 

Marilu H.

"This company is complete with people of esteemed integrity. They are on a mission to helping others.  They are far from the people who will displace you from your hard earn possessions. They have never demanded money directly or indirectly from us. These are God fearing people and may God bless them and give them perfect peace . Amen."

Grace I.

"I first came to HAPA back when they were known as, "First Direct Options" on a referral from my brother who heard good things about this company,  a small  company but effective. I received a, Notice of Default on my home. They instructed me what to do, the methods stop the sale of my home. Keep up the good work. Thank you,"

Mrs. P

"Mr. worked with us in 2010 to resolve the foreclosure and other legal issues in the documents. We tried to resolve these issues and obtain modification with another company that charged us a large amount of money, and nothing was done.  The cost we paid (donation) was affordable and the entire process went smooth and in a short time was resolved.  Thank you for your assistance Sincerely,"

Anthony P.                                                                                                               Esther P.

Words cannot express the appreciation, gratitude and thanks I feel in my heart for the entire work that was done to stopping the foreclosure of my house. If God had not worked through you, for me, I would be out on the street. I thank God for the help you are giving his people in all walks of life.  Your perfection, patience & efficiency are traits to be desired by many." Sincerely,

Rosie A.    

"Due to so many companies out there that will take your money and not perform I was really skeptical about this company. After showing me how to gather information on my lender to my surprise I was able to stop the trustee sale on the day of the sale and the lender called and offered me a modification the same day! 

Ismael R.

"I lost my home several years ago. I was referred to First Direct Option now doing business as, HAPA who review my documents at no charge. They instructed me how and where to seek legal instruction and help. After seeing what went wrong with my loan and foreclosure upon my house I sent a letter to the lender and beneficiary for monetary damages. they did not respond so i ended up taking them to court. After presenting my documents the judge said, "you won your case, come see me in thirty days and I will grant you the monetary damage you are seeking."   Thanks 


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