Filing For Bankruptcy

Filing For Bankruptcy

Official Form 101

For this form you can go on the internet and download this. Please follow the clear instruction within the package.

You will need to complete a certificate of  credit counseling course which consist of 2 counseling forms A and, B.  This you can also go to the internet and find.  We recommend "Abacus Credit Counseling" but its your choice to choose a reputable credit counseling course. 

You must submit at least the certificate forms along with your petition package. If you only completed the 1st certificate form with your bankruptcy petition you have 14 days to complete and submit the 2nd form. 

Also on a separate blank sheet you will need to list your Creditor(s).  

There are many self-help internet services to helping you complete your forms.  

If you need help we will recommend a paralegal to assist you.  

(unfortunately there may be a small charge due to we out-source any legal help that you may needed).  

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