The information appearing on this website is for general informational purposes only and is not intended to provide legal advice to any individual or entity.  The materials provided may not be applicable to your particular factual or legal circumstances. The tools mentioned in this website have been used by others successfully but no process can be guaranteed to work in all situations because all situations are not be the same due to the extensive fraud and illegal practices by institutes. The information provided is the result of research through HAPA's research staff. It is presented here for educational and entertainment purposes only.  The information gathered is to help you understand the actual  transactions between you, your lender(s) and things hidden in your mortgage loan. Due to recent events, it has been discovered that mortgage companies are working under their own rules and not the Federal and State Laws governing mortgage loans.   Numerous laws come into play that are to protect the consumer. This has been disclosed by numerous courts, attorneys and federal agencies and it is evident in Robo-Signing, securitizing the Mortgage Note and many other actions undertaken by mortgage bankers.  This information can provide you with defense that you can use to show and prove violations which, once uncovered, will show that the mortgage banker, the servicer and the trustee (pretenders) have no legal right to collect or Foreclose on your property.  This is because Federal Law states that the mortgage banker must have the original (not only a copy of the) deed of trust and the mortgage note.  Your mortgage banker possibly may have securitized you mortgage note (they turned it into stocks and bonds), which nullifies the contract. Also, your mortgage banker may have put a copy of the deed of trust onto the stock market and destroyed the original.  

 WE ARE NOT ATTORNEYS.    We can only provide self-help services and instructions we gathered from research and others experts to help you with Real Estate services and Specialized services that are your right under Federal and State laws.  Home Advisory & Property Assistance does not provide financial, accounting, tax, or legal advice. If you want or need financial or  accounting advice, please seek out a CPA.  If you need tax advice, seek out a tax professional and if you need legal advice, seek out an attorney. 

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